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Individual tax return

Contractor tax returns

Sole trader businesses or Contractors find our bookkeeping and accounts package highly beneficial compared to traditional accountants. Instead of paying high accounting fees, just pay a fixed, reasonable monthly fees and have your accounts and bookkeeping duties outsourced to our professional accountants and bookkeepers.

Monthly bookkeeping for contractors

All our freelance/contractor clients get regular bookkeeping and monthly accounts including financial statements, dividend or remuneration analysis and advise on how to manage their tax returns in a timely and accurate manner. We also provide advise on contract management, buy-to-let property management and startups cashflow advise.

Tax relief available for contractors

Do you know about the various tax relief available for contractors or individuals ? If your accountant has not informed you about the tax relief available, we will. Our contractor clients have saved £1000's of tax by claiming the correct amount of relief. If you are an Information technology professional or if you have been involved in bio-technology research, we could apply for different tax relief available for professionals

Our bookkeepers will ensure that accounts and tax returns are prepared and filed by the due dates. Any additional advise regarding cashflow and VAT etc can be provided in a timely and resourceful manner and there are no additional charges to pay.

Bookkeepers as accountants for contractors

Unlike popular belief, qualifed and accredited bookkeepers can also file your tax returns and / or file accounts with HMRC or Companies House. This is because HMRC requires accountants and bookkeepers to be registered with them or with an accountancy body in the UK.

Bookkeeping for Freelancers

Mostly freelancers are under the impression that they will not gain much by maintaining their accounts books regularly. They see it as a one-time or annual affair. Regular monthly bookkeeping however, has seen contractors save a large amount of money due to timely action or intervention in the finances.

Traditional accountants don't encourage regular bookkeeping as it suits them to perform bookkeeping and accounting activities once in a year and charge their customers for filing tax returns to HMRC and filing their business accounts in case of Limited companies. Whilst it proves easy for accountants, most individuals lose a lot of money due to lack of regular bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping and accountancy cost for contractors

Traditional accountants charge an annual fee ranging from £750 + vat per year to £1800 + vat per year. As bookkeepers, our cost starts from £60 per month and mostly the maximum it would cost per month is £125 depending on the size of the business. This monthly cost includes regular monthly bookkeeping and/or providing financial advise as and when required.

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