Property Master Accountz

The specialist accounting tool for property businesses

Highlights of our accounting tool are-

Completely integrated with all major accounting packages.

If you are using XERO, Quickbooks, Sage or SAP Cloud accounting packages, you can easily integrate our accounting tool into your package without any expensive customisation or change required.

Lowest accounting and bookkeeping costs

Manage your accounting and bookkeeping services from costs as low as £3 ppm (per property per month) subject to minimum 50 properties.

Highest value per property

Track value delivered from each property to increase profits from each property. Make each property a true winner and keep getting higher profits as the bookkeeping tool constantly increases the value of your rentals or property management portfolio while enabling you to decrease costs.

Ideal tool for Estate agents

Keep your accounting and bookkeeping costs low for each property sale or letting. Property sale can be managed through the tool to monitor the true profit in the sale and complete the necessary accounting for a lower cost.

Forecasting tool for Estate agents

The best forecasting tool for Estate agents as it forecasts cashflow in the most accurate manner giving a true picture or receivables vis-a-vis payables allowing estate agents enough time to fund any cashflow deficits starting from the time a property is brought for sale to the time it is sold . Track the costs incurred for the sale at every instance and forecast a true cost of sale.

Ideal for businesses with lettings rental portfolio of more than 50 properties

Property businesses with more than 50 properties can now have their accounting and bookkeeping costs as low as £150 each month. Huge saving for value investors, If your property portfolio has more than 50 properties, you can look at our huge savings pack. Set regular rental alerts for missed rent payments and never miss a monthly rental income again.

Compatible with requirements from regulatory bodies

Our tool is ideal for monthly / annual reporting for letting agents / estate agents regulatory associations like NALS , ARLA and other agencies. It makes year end auditing very simple thus reducing auditing costs.

Master accounting and bookkeeping for value adding property services

Lettings agents can act as value adding agents to property portfolio by subscribing or recommending our tool to landlords and keep winning landlord customers.

Guaranteed value in Letting and Estate Agents services

Our tool has been used widely by letting agents and they have realised an increase in sales of more than 200% within 3 years of using the tool. Businesses with £1.5 million turnover have risen to £4 million in turnover.

Saving hours of manual input of transactions each month

Rental income and costs don’t have to be input each month and this saves transactional costs or errors. Only one-off maintenance costs need to be added.

A great tool for monitoring value growth

Monitor your rental income and cost properties by just looking at the property portfolio dashboard. Manage your property as an estate agent to identify peaks and troughs in property sales. Discover higher and more profitable prices for properties while making higher profits than usual.

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