Bookkeeper for property services

Why we are specialist bookkeepers for the Property Sector ?

Our Property bookkeepers have worked with hundreds of property developers, letting agents, landlords and property management companies.

We have excelled in getting the best information to make decisions with 100% certainty. Our property bookkeepers will never miss a trick and will always ensure profit margins are safeguarded in the business.

How we do this brilliantly each and every time ?

The difficult part in getting a good bookkeeper for the property industry is that there are large volumes of transactions in most property businesses and they need to be dealt quickly and reliably with almost 100% accuracy.

Unfortunately not many good property bookkeepers have the time to devote for high volume transaction businesses with moderate margins and average bookkeeping fees of £18 per hour.

Property bookkeepers at Uxbridge bookkeeping services have the right method to spot the problem in the books each time and even be a step ahead.This takes practice and application of bookkeeping skills compounded with high numeracy skills and knowledge of how to use technology.

At bookkeeping rates starting from £18 per hour, our bookkeepers are accomplished to pass the test each time.

Whilst other property bookkeepers would do the normal bookkeeping, we take it further and provide advise on tax and management reporting, a key step in our bookkeeping process- Business Analysis.

Call us today for a free consultation and we will send our best property bookkeeping talent to your business.All you need to do is call us on 01895 808 025.

What else do we do best ?

  • Best advise on filing tax returns
  • Act as Interim or replacement accountant
  • Assist in moving to a new accounting package
  • Manage your bookkeeping needs remotely
  • Liaise with your business to provide management accountants
  • Unlimited personal (face - to - face meetings)
  • Liaise with HMRC on your behalf
  • Setup your payroll services
  • Setup you Auto Enrolment for mandatory pension schemes
  • Act as your agency accountant
  • Assist with a bookkeeping problem or query