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Our Property bookkeepers have worked with hundreds of property developers, letting agents, landlords and property management companies. We have excelled in getting the best information to make decisions with 100% certainty. Our property bookkeepers will never miss a trick and will always ensure profit margins are safeguarded in the business.Property bookkeepers at Uxbridge bookkeeping services have the right method to spot the problem in the books each time and even be a step ahead.This takes practice and application of bookkeeping skills compounded with high numeracy skills and knowledge of how to use technology
The difficult part in getting a good bookkeeper for the property industry is that there are large volumes of transactions in most property businesses and they need to be dealt quickly and reliably with almost 100% accuracy. Unfortunately not many good property bookkeepers have the time to devote for high volume transaction businesses with moderate margins and average bookkeeping fees of £18 per hour.Whilst other property bookkeepers would do the normal bookkeeping, we take it further and provide advise on tax and management reporting, a key step in our bookkeeping process- business analysis.

Letting agent bookkeeping

Lettings agent can act as value adding agent to property portfolio by subscribing or recommending our tool to landlords and keep winning landlord customers.

Our tool has been used widely by letting agents and they have realised an increase in sales of more than 200% within 3 years of using the tool. Businesses with £1.5 million turnover have risen to £4 million in turnover.

Monitor your rental income and cost properties by just looking at the property portfolio dashboard. Manage your property as an estate agent to identify peaks and troughs in property sales. Discover higher and more profitable prices for properties while making higher profits than usual.

Rental income and costs don’t have to be input each month and this saves transactional costs or errors. Only one-off maintenance costs need to be added.

Our tool is ideal for monthly / annual reporting for letting agents / estate agents regulatory associations like NALS, ARLA and other agencies. It makes year end auditing very simple thus reducing auditing costs.

Property businesses with more than 50 properties can now have their accounting and bookkeeping costs as low as £150 each month. Huge saving for value investors, If your property portfolio has more than 50 properties, you can look at our huge savings pack. Set regular rental alerts for missed rent payments and never miss a monthly rental income again.

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Our Prices

Monthly pricing packages are ideal for small businesses or startup businesses looking to hire bookkeepers or bookkeeping services at a fixed monthly cost.

All prices are only for Virtual bookkeeping/remote bookkeeping services. For regular bookkeeping please contact us for a quote.

Bronze Freelancers

£ 35 month
Annual accounts

Silver Startup Business

£ 65 month
VAT Returns
Payroll(1 person)
Annual Accounts
Self Assessment(1 person)

Gold Turnover >£80,000

£ 125 month
VAT Returns
Payroll(5 employees)
Annual Accounts
Self Assessment

Platinum Turnover >£350,000

£ 350 month
VAT Returns
Payroll(5 Employees)
Annual Accounts
Self Assessment Services
Support & Advise