The Uxbridge Bookkeeping Company

Bookkeeping and Payroll services

Specialist Bookkeepers

O ur specialist bookkeepers have a wide variety of expertise in preparing books for businesses from diverse industries. Each bookkeeper has worked with at least three different accounting packages and their accountancy knowledge has been endorsed by accredited accounting bodies or institutes in the United Kingdom. In addition to accountancy packages, they have also achieved a high level of proficiency with other spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and Google sheets etc.


Our payroll accountants are payroll bureau experts. They have knowledge of processing Weekly and Monthly payroll along with filing payroll forms and monthly/annual returns with HMRC. They are great advisors on SMP, SSP and other tax benefits or credits and fully aware of the associated paper work involved.

Management Accountants

Our Management Accountants are qualified accountants with extensive knowledge of accounts specific to several industries. Their industry background helps in better understanding of the numbers. They also have very wide reporting experience which provides the business with a distinct advantage.


Specialist Analytics are used to develop smart reports from financial data that help businesses to make vital decisions or identify problems that exist within businesses. Our specialists have qualifications in Financial Modelling from world renowned institutions like University of Penn's Wharton Business School.

Business Taxation

Our tax specialists have processed more than 3,200 business tax returns and have the right knowledge to assist startups or growing businesses in filing their tax returns for sole trader, partnerships or limited company entities.

Personal Taxation

Our Personal tax specialists are experts in filing self assessment tax returns and dealing with Payroll tax queries. Most of the personal tax specialists have filed an average of more than 200 tax returns for individuals.